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Energy Tincture

Energy Tincture boosts energy levels, enhances focus, and supports overall well-being. This potent blend includes 2250mg total cannabinoids (CBD, CBG), MCT oil, sesame seed oil, grapefruit oil, Gotu Kola, terpenes, bacopa oil, and vitamin E.


Revitalize your day with Energy Tincture, a premium formula featuring 2250mg of total cannabinoids including CBD and CBG. This powerful blend is enhanced with MCT oil for quick energy, sesame seed oil for sustained vitality, grapefruit oil for a refreshing boost, and Gotu Kola for improved cognitive function. Terpenes amplify the effects through the entourage effect, while bacopa oil and vitamin E support overall well-being. Designed to boost energy levels, enhance focus, and support overall health, Energy Tincture is your natural solution for sustained vitality and mental clarity.


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